Main idea of Adventure teambuilding programs in Belgrade is to see and enjoy capital of Serbia from very different perspective. Through teamwork and fun, all participants will have chance to visit Belgrade’s attractions and enjoy in many adventure games.

In adventure team building program participants can try kayak tours, urban adventure race, archery, different alpine games, horse riding in Belgrade and many other hard or soft adventure activities in the capital of Serbia.

Company Veriest - team building adventure in Belgrade



Program is organized as urban Belgrade Treasure hunt. At the beginning of the quest in the hotel, participants are divided into the groups. Each group may be led by Wild Serbia instructor whose role is to coordinate the team. Teams are given maps and adventure can begin… To complete the “mission” team members will have to be proactive and united. They will meet locals on the street and in cafes asking them questions and collecting valuable information which are part of the big puzzle.

Duration of the team building is flexible and depends of client’s wishes and intentions.

Team building Belgrade -  Adventure games



Team building will start at the boat Barakuda which is located at the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers.  We will paddle up to the Lido beach where we will have delicious barbeque.

Company Veriest - team building in Belgrade and picnic lunch at War island

Who wants to swim in the river, play volleyball at the sandy beach or just relax on the sun is welcome! After the rest at the Lido beach tour continues around the island and ends at the Barakuda boat. Usually programme lasts about 3-4 hours but can be modified to the group needs.


War island kayak tour in Belgrade - team building



Archery is ideal to incorporate into your Team Building adventure event. Our Instructors will show you basics of shooting technics. You will not be disappointed, archery can be enjoyed at any level of experience. We provide all necessarry equipment including arrows and bows. Our experienced instructors will be there to guide and help with supervision, ensuring your safety throughout event.

Team building in Belgrade - Archery and shooting




Bojcin forest is nice picnic place in Progar near Belgrade. This is also a very popular destination for Belgrade recreational cyclists. Here you can find ethno restaurant “Bojcinska koleba”, summer scene, trim track, … and beautiful forest. Adventure team building games - participants are divided into teams and given specifically made maps of the area. While orient themselves with the help of the map, the teams face a variety of obstacles (orienteering, horse riding, archery, alpine games...).The winner is the team that collects the most points in the shortest possible time.