Adventure team building programs in Serbia

One day Hiking trip in Serbia - Gradac River gorge

When we talk about stunning places for hiking in Serbia, Gradac River is at the first place. Its located in Western Serbia near Belgrade so in one day we can organise easy hikes with beautiful viewpoints and gorge landscapes. This river gorge is perfect choice for corporate travel. In close surrounding many monasteries, wineries and very interesting caves can be seen. Hiking trip can be combined with adventure team building games, flyfishing and picnic lunch in a very beautiful part of the gorge.

Danube Iron gate

Danube gorge is located on the border between Serbia and Romania. It represents one of the most beautiful points on the Danube River. This gorge looks like a place you would think that people have lived here from ancient periods. It has huge limestone rocks overhanging the Danube. Canyon is easily accessible. It can be reached by cruise ship, car, bus or bicycle. The most important places in the vicinity of the site "Iron gate" are Ram and Golubac fortress, Lepenski vir, fishing village Tekija, Vratna limestone gates, Trajan gate, Trajan bridge. Many of these sites originate from the ancient periods of Palaeolith and Neolith. On the ridges of the canyon we can reach by 4x4 vehicles or by easy hike. We like to say that this is viewpoint with the oldest view in Europe. From Belgrade it can be organised cruising trip and more active programs - biking, hiking or kayak trip with transfer by bus to the starting point.


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