Uvac Kayak Adventure





Uvac lake and meanders

Uvac lake and meanders is one of the most famous adventure destination in Serbia. Due to the lovely viewpoints, incredible caves and clear water this destination is perfect for hiking, caving and kayaking activities. Beside Trešnjica canyon in Western Serbia, this is one of the rear places, habitat of  Griffon Vulture, eagle with wingspan of 3 m.

Hiking tour

While hiking on easy path over the lake cliffs you will be able to see the best points of Uvac meanders. There are several routes for hiking in this area and most of them are on remote places in wilderness of this nature protected area.

Hiking tour can be organised for small or for larger groups.


Uvac meanders in Western Serbia

Kayak tour

Enjoing at Uvac lake is possible by boat, katamaran or kayak.

One of the best ways to explore this destination is by kayak. Since it is not wild water, but calm lake water, kayaking in inflatable boats is very easy and great to mix with swimming during summer months. In Jully, August and September water on the lake is very hot and perfect for leasure time :) .

In kayak tour we are passing half of the lake and visiting Ice cave. Kayak tour can be adjusted according to the start and end point.

Uvac cave from the lake

Caving tour

If you are seeking for life time adventure experience choosing Uvac caving tour is the best choice. Many of participants have described this adventure as "ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE".

This cave is long 6km and part of the cave chosen for passing about 4km. During cave pass many obstacles need to be crossed (narrow passages, short climbings and descendings), crawling, walking in the mood,...

Contrary to the all obstacles in cave, we chosen part of the cave that can be passed by participants without previous experience.

Tour is guided by experienced cave instructors and all necessarry equipment is provided (helmet, light, overall suit, boots).



Group offer

Uvac Kayak Adventure  is organised for groups and individuals  - contact us for more information.

Guaranteed departures 2016:

4.-5. June

16.-17. July

13.-14. Avgust

17.-18. Septembar



2016 Prices

April 1st to November 1st


Price: 120 eur per person
Included: Transfer during 2 day program, acommodation, guide and neccessary equipment.

Price with food arrangement: 140 eur per person
Included: Transfer during 2 day program, acommodation, guide and neccessary equipment, food: first day - lunch and dinner, second day - breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Registration need to be done at least 48 hours before tour.

For reservations you may contact us via e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .