Nearest caves to Belgrade are located in Western Serbia, near Valjevo city. There are several different options for caving suitable to beginners. All of these caves are different, from 500m to 1km long, with underground rivers, huge galleries and remains of past civilisations (neolith, palaeolith, middle age, ...). All caves are located aprox 1.45 hours of drive to chosen destination.


Going through the non-arranged part of the cave, we will use ropes and special equipment for caving, climbing and descending on the rocks. Every participant will get speleo oversuit(combinesone), boots, helmet and light(lamp). We will not deal with great and difficult obstacles, this cave is especially chosen for the first caving experience. In the afternoon, if we choose additionaly, after exploring of cave passages, lunch and rest, we move to another part of the adventure – abseil(rappelling). We take harnesses, karabiners, helmets, ropes... Participants will carefully listen their training instructors as they have their first abseil experience, descending the cliff 30m high.