6 Bridges of Sava

Enjoy in 3 hours kayak ride and explore Belgrade's bridges on Sava in fun and interactive manner. Serbian writer and  Nobel Prize  winner Ivo Andric wrote about bridges:

"In everything that man pushes by his vital instinct, builds and raises, nothing is more beautiful or more precious than bridges. Bridges are more important than houses, more sacred because they are more useful than temples. They belong to everybody and they are the same for everybody, always built in the right place in which the major part of human necessity crosses, more durable than all other constructions and they do not serve for anything secret or bad."

In this tour, you can:

  • learn about Belgrade's history and it's architectual heritage...
  • learn basics of kayak skills
  • explore Capital from different and active perspective
  • enjoy in pleasure and leasure time on river(don't get on sun burns :-))

You will see:

  • 6 Bridges of Sava: Most na Adi ("Ada Bridge") Novi železnički most ("new railroad bridge") over Sava — a cable-stayed bridge built in 1979. Stari železnički most ("old railroad bridge") over Sava — a truss-bridge. Gazela Bridge — a single span motorway bridge over Sava, the main traffic artery into the city. Stari savski most ("old Sava bridge") and Brankov most ("Branko's bridge")
  • Kalemegdan fortress and old city core
  • Night clubs in daily light


"In the end, everything through which this life of ours is expressed—thoughts, efforts, glances, smiles, words, sighs—is all reaching out to another shore, as towards it's aim, and only there will it be granted its true meaning.

Everywhere there is something to overcome or to bridge: disorder, death, meaninglessness. Everything is a transition, a bridge whose ends are lost in infinity, beside which all the bridges of this earth are only children’s toys, pale symbols. And all our hope lies on the other side."

Ivo Andric

Trip overview


Destination: Sava River, Belgrade, Capital of Serbia

Duration: 3 hours

Activities: Kayaking






Tour can be organised from April 1st till November 1st. This tour is organised for groups and individuals as private group.

Please be free to choose your depart time.


2015 Prices
April 1st to November 1st

Price: 30 eur per person.

Registration need to be done at least up to 20:00 previous day.



• kayak and double paddle

• life jacket for every participant

• Fully guided activity: 3 hours guided tour

• guide



• Transport to the start point

• Drinks, food and other items of a personal nature

• Any item not listed as an inclusion

• Travel Insurance

• Gratuities All prices are in EUR.

Cancellation penalties, blackout dates and other restrictions may apply.



Options & Upgrades for groups


Tailor made programms:

By your request we can arrange tailor made program with stops and route inline with your wishes.



Trip Information


Q: Do I need a previous  kayak experience to take part in this tour?

A: No, You don't. All tours are organized for people with no previous experience. Tours are led by experience kayak guides

Q: What is the weight limit for luggage/clothing/equipment that each traveler can take?

A:  For comfort and pleasant paddling we recommend no more than 5 kg per guest.

Q: What should guests do with their extra bags?

A: Remaining luggage can be stored at in Baracuda boat.

Q: What is the weather like in Belgrade during the year?

A: Here is a rough guideline:

April to June: Sunny 15c-30c
July- August: Dry/Sunny/Hot 25c-35c
September-October: Sunny 15c-30c

Q: How many guides will be with the group?

A: There will be one guide for groups of up to 20 travelers. For groups of 20+ there will also be an assistant guide. Guides are very experienced, they know the area and water flow very well and are able to assist at all times (even in case of emergency).

Q: What kind of emergency procedures are in place if a guest injures themselves in a way that disables them from continuing on the tour? What is the nearest hospital and how can they get there? Does the rest of the group continue without them or must they all turn around?

A: There is basic medical attention and equipment that every guide carries in guide's kayak. Guides traveling with the group are trained to handle emergencies. Minor first aid can be taken care at the kayak place, while some bigger issues which require special medical attention, must be solved at the nearest medical centers (nearest about 1km distance from tour place). Guides carry first aid kits with them at all times.

Q: Do guests carry food, watter or some drink in their packs?

A: Yes, we recommend guests to take a “snack pack” with dry fruits, peanuts, chocolates, juice, water, some other drink (alcohol is not permitted) or fresh fruits.

Q: When do we meet our group and guide? When do we start?

A: Just 10 before your kayak tour when you prepack your things, take what you need and live unneccessary things.

Q: What are rivers like? How challenging is it?

A: Rivers are calm, they are not fast. Tour is organised in such way that you paddle mostly downstream. Tour is rated as moderate. Prior kayaking experience is not necessary.

Q: Do you rent kayaks without taking the tour?

A: Yes. Further information you can find on website.

Recommended Equipment


Recommended Equipment List

• Sandals
• Swimming suit
• 2 T-shirt
• Sports hat
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Photo/video cameras
• Re-fillable water bottle

*** Important: Please bring extra clothes and footwear for after tour.

• We appreciate no hard suitcases of carry ons; soft bags and or back packs (“soft” luggage is recommended)