War island kayak tour


War island kayak tour takes place around Great War Island, nature protected area in the center of Belgrade. The constrast of wilderness and urban ambience makes this adventure special and embeds it deep in the memory. The tour around Great War island also inludes a brief  on Lido Beach, a visit to Veliki Galijas canal, as well as rowing and spending time on the Danube and Sava rivers.

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Uvac Adventure Camp for labour day

For 1st May we are heading to Uvac lake, famous outdoor destination in Serbia.



Sava kayak tour


"Six bridges of Sava river" tour starts from Sava quay and goes under the newly build  magnificent bridge at Ada, the New and Old railway bridges, the Gazela bridge, the Old Sava bridge and Branko's bridge. Alongside the bridges, the "main protagonists" of this story, the kayakers, are exploring the true "characters" of life on the river -the wellknown night clubs and colourfull rafts, and towards the end, with the final strokes of the oars, they are rewarded with one of the most beatiful views of the Belgrade fortress and the Old Town.

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